//Twitch streamer gets struck by lightning live during Rocket League game

Twitch streamer gets struck by lightning live during Rocket League game

Jaime “Karma” Bickford was commentating a Rocket League matchup when suddenly she was shocked.

During her broadcast, viewers could hear the sound of thunder followed immediately by a scream. What followed after was clearly sound of pain, leaving her viewers concerned as to what just happened. She went on to explain later that lightning struck in her neighborhood, and somehow went through her controller, burning her hands.

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Later on in the stream, Karma explained what happened.

“There are major thunderstorms going on right now in my area,” Karma said. “And the house next door to me got struck by lightning, it’s not on fire, I don’t know what happened. But lightning must have hit there and gone through, there’s like a metal thing that goes down the house, it must have gone down the house and somehow hit me. Not hit me, but it went into my controller. And my controller went, like, spark, really big spark and just burned my hand.”

In updates on Twitter, Karma says she went to see a doctor afterwards and is fine following some precautions.

In another update, Karma said she couldn’t compete in an upcoming tournament because her “hands are still a little sore.” 

Karma also provided evidence of the damage to her controller.


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